The past two weeks on the PGA Tour have been filled with ups and downs!

First, Paul Goydos shots 59 and does NOT win the tournament!  Steve Stricker put on a scoring clinic at the 2010 John Deere Classic unlike we have ever seen through the first 54 holes and wound up winning that event for the second consecutive year!

Secondly, Louis Oosthuizen (WUHST-hy-zen) comes out of nowhere to win the 2010 British Open!  Who is this guy and where did he come from?

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Louis Oosthuizen is a young South African golfer who is starting to make an impact on the European Tour. His victories on the amateur circuit saw him become a professional golfer when he was just 19 years old. Five tournament wins on the Sunshine Tour led to a place on the European Tour, where he finished 31st in the Order of Merit in 2009.

I’d like to congratulate them both on outstanding performances and in Oosthuizen’s case – his first Major win!


We would like to take this opportunity to offer our congratulations to Chuck Evans, Executive Director of Instruction for Medicus Golf, for being recognized by GOLF Magazine as one of the TOP 100 Teachers in America. Selection of the GOLF Magazine TOP 100 is a 2 year process and includes reviews, questionnaires, thorough research, and input from the teaching community. Asked by Golf Magazine, “You have one final lesson to give – who gets it?” Without hesitation Chuck stated, “Someone who has never broken 100.”

Having taught over 200,000 players through private lessons, golf schools, workshops and seminars since 1970, Chuck has earned the title of a“Teachers Teacher” by his peers. Other notable players who Chuck has worked with and trained include Grant Waite, Bobby Clampett and Buddy Alexander, just to name a few.

Chuck is one of only 31 teachers worldwide designated to hold a “Doctorate in Golf Stroke Engineering”. Chuck has also served as Director of Schools from the PGA Tour Academy, The Director of Instruction for United Stated Golf Institute and The Golfing Machine.

Find out more about Chuck’s background, his best advice to amateurs & aspiring tour players, and learn about his effective golf philosophy in this month’s issue of Golf Magazine, 2/2009.

Chuck currently teaches at the Medicus Golf Institute located at Seascape Resort and Emerald Bay golf Club in Destin, Florida.

To Find out more about Medicus Golf Schools, Medicus Player Development and Golf instruction with Chuck Evans, visit www.medicuscorporate.com or call Tracy Lehnecker, V.P., Medicus Golf Corporation, at 800.732.4995.


Medicus Golf Junior Development Player Matt Hageman has signed to play golf at Illinois State University.

Matt began his 2007 tournament campaign by winning our own Medicus Golf AJGA Preseason tournament outside of Chicago by firing a final round 66.  Matt proceeded throughout the year to climb the junior rankings. This earned Matt several looks at and offers by Universities throughout the country but when all was said and done Matt decided to stay closer to home and become a Redbird.


Matt is looking forward to his final year of high school and upcoming tournament golf season before embarking on his college career.  With the recruiting class and returning golfers at ISU, they will be in position to compete at a high level in the NCAA.  Matt looks forward in helping ISU to move event further up the NCAA Golf Rankings.

Matt began working with Chuck Evans, Executive Director of Instruction of Medicus Golf at the end of 2007.  Besides long distance swing analysis and constant contact by phone and email, Matt has made several trips to Destin to get hands on work.

In February Matt will be making his first trip of 2009 back to Destin where he will be apart of the first weekend events of the upcoming Medicus Golf Player Development European “Bash on the Beach” .  While in Destin he will be able to continue hands on training from Chuck Evans and mental coach Carey Mumford.

Matt, congratulations and the Medicus Golf team looks forward to your future successes.

To find out more about how to be involved in the Medicus Player Development Program, become a Medicus Golf Instructor, attend a golf school, or how to use Medicus Products, please click HERE or contact Tracy Lehnecker at: tlehnecker@medicuscorporate.com or call 800.732.4995

Our next Instructor workshop is scheduled for January 23-25, 2009 in beautiful Destin Florida.

This training will be a full 3 days of classroom, absorb and apply, presentations, testing, the Medicus Curriculum, and much more. We are talking a 24/7, 3-day, golf fest and golf ”fix”. You will basically be eating and sleeping golf. There are no hours affixed to this training as it will be continual.

What will it mean for you to attend Medicus Instructor Training?

The benefit to you is for Medicus to drive more business to you via our website and marketing efforts. While you maintain your separate business and identities, our intent is to drive additional business to you and your facility. If you would like to become better acquainted with how to match components in golf strokes, then this is the workshop for you! You will learn what components go with what, when it’s sometimes better to take what the student has and then match Plane Angle and Hinge Action to whatever their Pivot is doing then you absolutely cannot miss this opportunity!

For those who cannot attend at this time, we would like to extend an invite to become a part of the Medicus Instructor Network. We would be honored to speak with you in this regard as well as send you some of the pertinent information.

In addition PGA Members will receive 12 hours of credit for attending the three days.


Chuck Evans working with students
Chuck Evans working with students

Is your bunker play less than stellar?  This is an old tip I filmed years ago in Arizona…still good thoughts for today!

Now you can be the next Gary Player!  Learn how to hit better bunker shots by using this simple set up drill.


As players we cannot have too many swing thoughts while paying this game.  Most players can only have one or two at best.

Check out this guy what is going through his brain!



In our schools we train players to hole more chip shots by using very simple techniques and tools.

For chipping you’ll need (two) 2 foot length 2×4’s. You place one in front of the ball about the length of a grip and the other behind the ball half that distance.

The one behind the ball helps to ensure that you pick the club UP and NOT keep it low in the backstroke AND if you have throwaway in the downstroke you’ll hit the rear 2×4.

The one in front of the ball acts as a target line and a visual verification of what the clubface is doing.  As you set up to the chip you want about 80% of your weight on the target side, head in the middle of the feet and the clubshaft leaning forward. This set up helps to steepen the angle of attack makes hitting it fat virtually impossible.

From this set up you use a right forearm takeaway and a motionless body in the backstroke. In the downstroke you have two options, Hitting – drive the right arm and Swinging – use the pivot. In both cases you simply go to both arms straight after impact.

If done correctly the ball will take off over the center 2×4. If you see the ball taking off over the right or left edge then you have manipulated the clubface.  At follow through the clubface should be looking straight down the 2×4 and at a right angle to it.

One of the keys to chipping is to always make the same length and same power stroke regardless of the length of the chip shot. To play a longer shot simply change clubs – we use a mathematical formula to determine what club the player should use.

Not only can the player now play this shot with confidence but IF they don’t hole it they have a “kick-in” left!