According to 2004 statistics complied by the National Golf Foundation the average scores for golfers is,

* The average score on an 18-hole regulation golf course was 97 in 2004. Average score was 95 for men and 106 for women.

* The percentage of adult golfers by score category are: Score under 80 (8% of golfers); 80-89 (20%); 90-99 (31%); 100-119 (30%); and 120 and above (11%).

* Average score is a statistic that is very unlikely to change over time, because the pool of golfers is constantly being refreshed by newer, less skilled ones. Also, average score increases as golfers age, which tends to balance out better scores by younger players.

Where do you fall into these stats?

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Our peers and friends are telling us we’re crazy, and that we’re giving away too much information… but we don’t care.

Over in the Forum, we’re giving you a “vast store house” of USEFUL INFORMATION that you need to know about the golf stroke, including…

Drills guaranteed to improve your golf game. Proven techniques that WILL lower your scores and have you giving strokes to your playing partners!

Why?….Because we’re sick and tired of watching dedicated, regular golfers be taken advantage of and misled by the truckloads of BAD information that you’ll find on so many “expert” golf web sites.

The fact is, it’s not 1950 anymore — it’s 2006! … It’s not supposed to be HARD to play decent golf if you have the correct information and learn how to apply it!

In fact, this may surprise you, but…

The simple truth is, the information we present is exactly the same as it was in 1982! Nothing has changed because this info is based on science!

“Now is the best time in the history of golf to actually Improve your game.”

With all of the media attention on the best players in the world and one in particular, you are no doubt aware of the current golf instruction “models” today that are trying to put every player into the same model regardless of the players’ abilities! However, what you may NOT know is that it is now easier than ever to build a golf game based on what YOU CAN PHYSICALLY DO!

Now, there is a way to build your golf stroke by following simple instructions and using practice drills. If you have mirrors, tape, flashlights, dowels, and a badminton racquet you can build a highly dependable golf stoke by yourself, without ANY knowledge of GOLF!

If you can “pause and start” your way through our online videos you can build a golf stoke and actually play better golf — in less than 60 days!

It’s EASY to build YOUR golf stroke… using our videos! At last you’ll get the CORRECT information in an easy to follow sequence that GUARANTEES SUCCESS!

Stop wasting time and get over to the Forum now and check it out!

Yesterday we held a Golf Magazine “audition” for their upcoming reality show at our place – Mesa Golf Center.

We had over 100 participants vying for 27 spots and the opportunity to get into the “big show” held later this year in Ocean Springs Maryland.

The winner of this event gets a cool $250,000.00! Now before you say, what didn’t I get into this thing each player MUST have a handicap of 8 or above to try their skills (luck) at winning this event.

We had the participants,

hit (1) drive within a grid
hit a 20 yard pitch shot – to a target
hit a fade, draw, and knock down – all to targets
a lob shot over a bunker to a target
a buried bunker lie to a target and,
a 40 yard bunker shot to a target

These players were evaluated on how they executed the shots, interviewed on camera by Golf Magazine staff – to see how they come across on TV, then told to check the website to see if they progress to the next round.

We had players to looked like “Punk Rockers”, gang members, tour players, and eveywhere in between!

Everyone had fun and now we’ll sit back and watch the rest of the show.

Many of you posted on the Forum what you would like to see for the upcoming Instructional videos. We took your posts in advice and shot some clips today.

These clips now need to be converted to flash, separated into broadband and dialup versions, uploaded to the server, and the players built for them. Hopefully this will all be finished early next week.

In this article we’ll discuss the PROPER way to set up your video camera to work on your golf swing.

While there are some that advocate setting the camera on the target this is totally incorrect – UNLESS you set the camera on the ground!

The center of the camera MUST be along the Plane Angle from the down the line view and from the face on view 90 degrees to the target line.

Take a look at these pictures and see how you should set your camera.

Chuck Evans

IMAGINE – Learning:

  • How to use your Left Wrist to control The clubFACE
  • How to use your Right Hand to control The clubHEAD
  • How to use the “Magic of your Right Forearm” to control The clubSHAFT

From The Address, To The Top, And Through To The Finish, On Every Swing For The Rest Of Your Life!

The information you’ve been seeking is available NOW!

You are given the critical details you MUST have in order to get past “the basics” and really move to the next level. Basics alone are simply not enough: demanding that golf instruction is simple only makes it incomplete and ineffective.

Week after week people contact us that FINALLY THE LIGHTS WENT ON when they got an understanding of what to do with the golf club to ‘make it work correctly!’

You learn by understanding and applying Scientific Principles, NOT by some convoluted swing theory or “swing of the future”! Our goal is to make sure that you totally understand and receive the correct instruction for YOU so that you can become your own teacher and coach for the rest of your life!

To learn how to control YOUR golf club visit us at Chuck Evans Golf.

Mike Austin, 95; Set World Record for Longest Golf Drive: 515 Yards – Los Angeles Times

Mike Austin, the world record holder for longest drive in a professional golf tournament, died Tuesday of natural causes at the Motion Picture & Television Hospital in Woodland Hills. He was 95.

Austin is best known for a 515-yard drive made during a 1974 U.S. National Seniors Open championship in Las Vegas, when he was 64. He used a steel-shafted persimmon wood driver and a balata-covered ball and had a 27-mph tail wind. The drive is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records…read more

Abe Lincoln

Read Abe Lincoln’s proclamation on Thanksgiving – October 3, 1863.
Thanksgiving Proclamation

The year that is drawing toward its close has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies. To these bounties, which are so constantly enjoyed that we are prone to forget the source from which they come, others have been added which are of so extraordinary a nature that they can not fail to penetrate and soften even the heart which is habitually insensible to the ever-watchful providence of Almighty God.

We’d like to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. Be sure to spend time with your family and friends and give thanks to our Lord and Savior for all of the wonderful blessings that are bestowed upon us daily.

Chuck Evans

We received some very good news yesterday regarding one of what I would term, “our own”. The information is below but please allow me to fill in some possible blanks.

I first met John and his dad David at a workshop I did for the So Cal PGA back in 1997 – yes I’ve been doing these for a LONG TIME – actually, steadily since 1988.

It was a three day class and John was a young assistant. His dad was the Director of Education for the So Cal PGA at the time. As I presented I would always check John and a couple of others to make sure that they were “getting it.” Sometimes the look in their eyes was like that of a “deer in the headlights” – frozen in time!

Anyway, I didn’t see him again until last year and he had grown enormously as an Instructor. But when your father has a PhD in Education some of that wisdom is bound to rub off!

John is a very accomplished instructor and player (knocks the cover off the ball). With his guidance and coaching the following high school team and players accomplished something that many golfers just dream about

Hi Everyone,

The Torrance High Girls’ Golf Team completed the best season in California High School history by sweeping all four playoff rounds and capped it off by winning the State Championship on Wednesday, November 16th. The Tartar Golf Team finished with a team total of 405 and beat runner-up Long Beach Wilson by 24 shots to complete a record season. This is the first team in State Girls’ Golf history to win all four post season tournaments. This was the first time the Team and Individual Champion came from the same school.

On a day where the conditions were extremely windy, the team was lead by Freshman Jane Rah (71) and Senior Angela Park (73). Senior Christina Siew (85), Senior Julie Cho (88), Freshman Demi Runas (88) and Senior Dani Powell (95) played steady rounds to lead the team to the 24 shot victory. The Tartars were the only team to have all six players shoot under 100 due to the windy conditions.


Jane Rah won the Individual State Championship and Angela Park was the Runner-up. With the winds steadily blowing at 20-30 mph, Jane shot the only under par round of the day with a birdie on her last hole. Angela fired a 1-over par round. There were only six rounds in the 70’s due to the difficult conditions.

Why is it that golfers have so much trouble striking the ball first instead of either hitting it fat or thin? One reason is the players perception of trying to help the ball into the air. Makes perfect sense, but unfortunately IT IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

Everything in golf is counterintuitive! We must hit down to make the ball up, we swing to the right to make it go straight. We must learn to drive the ball into the ground and NOT into the air.

Chuck Evans

Does your rear end move toward the ball in the downstroke? If so then you are using a cross-lateral hip motion in the start down and that is compatible with Hitting only!

Swingers keep their butts “against the wall” because of a “parallel to the base line” hip motion.

For a drill set up for a shot without a club and place your rear end against the wall. Now make a swing. Did your butt move off the wall? Try again but this time feel like you “push” the wall backward as you start the downstroke.

Chuck Evans

There is an interesting debate going on over at the Forum about to either walk or ride when playing golf.

In the United States riding is almost always an option but in most other parts of the world it isn’t.  Golfers in Europe especially don’t have the option to ride during a round of golf so for them walking is the norm.

Over here though riding is the norm – with the course operators using the mindset of riding is faster therefore we can get more rounds in.  Of course those days when the fairways are closed to cart traffic really slow everything down – instead of speeding it up!

Visit our Forum and let us know what you think about the subject.


Bart Bryant

Bart Bryant continued his outstanding play on Sunday, holding off Tiger Woods and Retief Goosen to cruise to victory at the 2005 Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club. Bryant fired a final-round 3-under 67 to finished at 17 under, six shots clear of runner-up Woods. Read More

By Sports Network – November 06, 2005

Hall of Fame

Several World Golf Hall of Fame members will reunite on Monday, Nov. 14 to welcome inductees Ayako Okamoto and Karrie Webb, and those being inducted posthumously, Bernard Darwin, Alister MacKenzie and Willie Park Sr., into the Hall of Fame as the Class of 2005. The ceremony will be broadcast in the United States on The Golf Channel at 9:30 p.m. ET….read more

Chuck Evans

Remember the good old days when you would “hang out” with friends and just talk about everything? I can. We all use to hang out at “Zesto’s” in Raytown Missouri, get our burgers and fries and then cruise down to the Plaze area in Kansas City.

We would drive around “NuWays”, stop and just shoot the breeze. What a great time!

These days discussion forums are the place to hang out meet new friends, talk about subjects of interest, and maybe even solve some problems.

Our forum at Chuck Evans Golf is a great example of this.

Each week, hundreds of messages are posted – some asking for advice, some providing opinions, and others just “lurking” picking up bits and pieces of golf instruction information that can help their golf game.

It’s a lot like “hanging out” with your friends from the old days – talking, sharing ideas, telling stories, and helping each other out.

If you haven’t visited lately, we invite you to stop by and “hang out.”

Chuck Evans

We have partnered with Dartfish the leader in digital sports technology, to bring to life a new state of the art “VIRTUAL LESSON TEE” that allows you to experience a learning environment that virtually duplicates an “in person” lesson.
dartfish logo
chuck evans golf Dartfish
email your video

Video clips of your analyses and comments can be saved and sent to you via e-mail in the form of a Media Booklet. This will help you practice effectively and track your progress over time. For Corporate groups, Dartfish Media Booklets make priceless event keepsakes, and can be personalized with your logo, and, a recorded greeting from your CEO!

For more details about how you can take advantage of this technology check out our Virtual Lesson Tee.

Tour Stats for last 20 years
Driving: Distance
YEAR Distance Player
1985 278.2 Andy Bean
1995 289.0 John Daly
2005 319.9 Scott Hend
Driving Accuracy:
YEAR % in Fairway Player
1985 80.6 Calvin Peete
1995 81.3 Fred Funk
2005 76.5 Jeff Hart
Iron Play: Greens in Regulation
YEAR Accuracy Player
1985 71.9 John Mahaffey
1995 72.3 Lennie Clements
2005 71.9 Sergio Garcia
Putting:Putts Per Round
YEAR Number Player
1985 28.63 Bobby Clampett
1995 28.02 Jim Furyk
2005 27.90 Steve Stricker
Scoring Average
YEAR Average Player
1985 70.36 Don Pooley
1995 69.06 Greg Norman
2005 68.57 Tiger Woods
Longest Drive – (stats were not kept prior to 1992)
YEAR Distance Player
1995 385 Tom Kite
2005 442 D.A. Points
Chuck Evans Golf is now the “Official Golf School for Tommy Armour Golf”

We are extremely excited about our relationship with Tommy Armour Golf and this just blows us away! They could have choosen any number of other schools but after seeing what and how we do things they choose us as their exclusive school.

For more details and upcoming events, schools, and locations near you visit Chuck Evans