What You Can Learn About Your Full Swing From Chipping Stage 1

What can you learn about your full swing from chipping stage 1?


If you struggle with executing a shot, that is basically 2 feet in both directions, how in the world will you cope with one that is 22 feet long!

Backstroke in Chipping Stage 1

When first working with a player that has contact, club, and body issues, I’ll almost always start them with chipping stage 1 to get the feel of Impact alignments.

This “basic motion” chipping stage 1 concept was developed by the late Homer Kelley.  But why is this shot so important?

Mainly because it is the foundation for virtually every shot you’ll hit.  Ranging from chipping, to pitching, to full swing.

Sure, there will be variations of this basic motion chipping stage 1 depending on what you’re trying to do with the ball.  But the Impact Alignments won’t change much.

This basic motion shot, chipping stage 1 because of it’s shortness, is performed by moving the arms, hands, and club with no body rotation required.

Impact Chipping Stage 1

Once you have, more or less, “mastered” this basic shot only then will you move forward to the next “stage” pitching.

The images show backstroke, Impact, and follow-through.

Again, as you can see this is a very short stroke so there is no need for body rotation or power.

We define chipping stage 1 as no “cocking or cocking” of the lead wrist.  This eliminates a power source that you would use in most other types of stroke.

To learn more about this process, schedule your time with us.

Post Impact Chipping Stage 1

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