Ben Hogan Pivot Difference

In this article we’re going to discuss the differences in the pivot between swinging an iron and swinging a long club or a wood.

When using a short to mid iron the player needs to rotate around a central point, the spine, while feeling the weight heavy on the left hip. This helps to insure that the club strikes the ball with a descending blow and taking a divot after the ball. Now this doesn’t mean however that you create a reverse pivot. The head should remain in the center of the feet and the shoulders turned as far as you can turn them.

For an example of how this should look find any pictures of Ben Hogan hitting an iron and look at the top of the backstroke.

For a long club or a wood the rotation is still around the spine but the feel is that you are rotating around the right leg. The head still remains in the center between the feet and you are still striking downward on the golf ball. Swinging up on the ball is actually deceleration!

Now these two differences do NOT mean or advocate that the pivot is around multiple points, it isn’t. There is a stationary point that we rotate around and that is the top of the spine. What this DOES mean is a “feeling” of rotation around the left and right leg.

Give this a try the next time you’re practicing and “feel” the differences, “see” the ball flight, and “hear” the sound of the golf ball.

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