The Basis Of Golf

1. Three parts of a Golf Club

1. Clubshaft
2. Clubface
3. Clubhead
2. Three Major Concepts of the Golf Stroke

1. Inclined Plane – Clubshaft
2. Hinge Action – Clubface
3. Centrifugal Force – Clubhead
3. Three Essentials For a Good Golf Stroke

1. Steady Head
2. Balance
3. Rhythm
4. Three Imperatives For a Good Golf Stroke

1. Flat Left Wrist at Impact
2. On Plane Club Shaft
3. Club Head Lag
5. The Principle of the Golf Game

Line of Compression: Hitting the ball from the inside of the Target Line toward the outside of target with a Flat Left Wrist

6. Three Dimensions of the Golf Stoke – (on an Inclined Plane)

1. Downward
2. Outward
3. Forward

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