Back To The Future






You remember Doc Brown’s futuristic car from back to the future.  Well today is back to the future day!

So what does this have to do with golf?

A lot of us started out as kids playing this silly game.  Hit a ball, hit it again, hit it several times then putt it in the hole…simple huh!

Not so much!

When we were kids we had NO fear of putting.  We would run a putt by 4,5 and even 6 feet past the hole then make it coming back. Why?  We didn’t know these were supposed to be tough!

In later years, we hit these same putts but now we are nervous about them. But don’t feel like you are along!

The great Tom Watson went through the same thing.

In his early days on Tour if he missed the putt he would have these knee-knocking come backs, BUT he made many more of these then he missed.  Well, time caught up with Tom and he went through a spell when he missed a lot of those come backs.

So start today with a “back to the future” attitude…have no fear of missing a putt and be confident, that if you do, you will make the one coming back!

We train our players with this attitude and they ARE making more putts…YOU can to!

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