Are You One of The Cool Kids

Spoiler alert: in middle school I was NOT one of the “cool kids”. I know you find this shocking since I now am one of the “coolest” golf coaches on the planet, but it’s true. So when notes were passed around home room in 5th grade, they generally weren’t aimed at me.


Maybe you were a cool kid and remember how the whole passing notes game worked.

You’d write a note to someone you liked (“Do you like me? Check Yes or No” style) and then you’d fold it up really small and pass it all the way up the line of desks to the intended recipient.

Sometimes those passers along the way would quickly open the note, read it, and giggle before passing.

Finally your beloved would read it, respond, giggle more, and pass it back to you.

And then…YOU..are the one that got caught with your hand in the “proverbial “cookie jar!”

Instead of meeting your beloved after school, YOU get to stay after class and write…

I will NOT pass notes during school” 100 TIMES, followed by a note sent home to your parents outlining your latest transgression!

Oh, the agony of it all!

If you are still, or want to be, one of the cool kids, then you MUST not get caught having negative thoughts on the golf course!

Be positive, stay focused on the task at hand, and “git ‘er done!”

One of the best ways to do this is to change your practice sessions.

Most of us hit shot after shot to the same target trying to “groove” our swing. This is called “block practice.”

A better way to do this is called “random practice.”

In random practice, we change targets, and club selection every shot…just like on the golf course!

If you are working on swing changes then use block practice, but after a few shots, switch to Random and focus more on the end result…the target!


To find out more about how using these techniques can improve your game, just shoot me an email!

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