And the Champion Golfer of the Year is…

Before I go into the Open I want to answer a question that I get a LOT! That question is…is there a “secret” to golf?

Well, let me tell YOU…Pssst…come a little closer. The answer is…


Disappointed?  Sorry but there are many ways to move a golf club.  If you watched any of the Open you saw two great competitors battle it out for Champion Golfer of the Year.

These two guys could not be any farther apart in how they move a club.

Phil, is primarily an arm swinger and rotates the clubface from open to closed.

Phil Mickelson

(Notice how the clubface is rolling over and closing to the arc.)

This method takes perfect timing and is used by those players who like to work the ball.

Henrik, uses a LOT of upper body motion and attacks the golf ball using his right arm, more of a driving motion.

Henrik Stenson

Now notice the difference in Henrik’s clubface,,,staying square to the arc.

So which one is better? That depends.

Players that have a higher hand location at the top of their backswing, above their shoulder, have a tendency to swing the arms like Phil. They typically move the club down on a flatter plane then they took it back on and swing the clubhead out to the right of target (left of target for Phil).

Players that take their hands to the trail shoulder, or below, typically use the right arm more and DO NOT rotate the clubface. Instead, the use what I call a “wrist throw.” When they do this they also swing to the left immediately after Impact.

On tour they call this going around the corner, we call it a “cornering release”.

Picture Ben Hogan swinging left after Impact, Jordan Spieth, KJ Choi, Matt Kuchar and Henrik Stenson! They all are going left post Impact.

By using this release type, the clubface remains much more stable, since it isn’t opening and closing, which produces a much more controlled ball flight.

The decision is yours.

Just like the grip you use, your ball position, your swing plane angle, your release type, your posture. You COULD call all of these YOUR Secret, IF they are producing the ball flight you want.

The biggest thing players need to realize is that if what you are doing produces what you want, then you’re good to go! If it isn’t, then maybe you should consider getting with your coach to work out those issues.


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