And How Do You Hit Lower Trajectory Shots?

There’s a time and a place for lower-trajectory shots, plus you’ll generally get more roll – especially in windy conditions. The key is to simply have your hands and weight more forward.

You still want to achieve a “steady head,” a “flat left wrist,” and a “weight forward swing”.  You of course hit down on the ball with your hands forward and this means that you use less loft – which results in more spin, a lower trajectory and more roll!

As with any golf shot, hitting the sweet-spot is key to having a good solid shot, all good players hit the sweet spot with regularity.

If you choose to have a lower trajectory shot, then keep your head centered, maintain a flat left wrist, keep the pressure on your left (weight forward on downswing) and keep your hands in front of the ball!

Hit Lower Trajectory shots for more roll!


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