3 Shocking Mistakes That Are Killing Your Golf Game

The 3 Mistakes Everyone Makes With Golf – And How You Can Solve Them

As coaches we see the same issues with players day in and day out.  These are very simple mistakes that any player can self correct, all you have to do is…well…just do it!

Let’s start with some of the very basic mistakes.

1.  Hitting driver on every par 4 or par 5.  In reality, the player needs to hit the club that will put them at around the 150 yard marker.  If you look at overhead views of golf holes, a lot of them show the fairway narrows the farther down the fairway you go.  Or the trouble is reachable with a driver.  The smarter play would be to hit something short of the trouble.  That might be a 3 wood, hybrid or even an iron.  Lots of players tell us they hit their 3 wood better then their driver!

2.  Aim for the middle of green.  Don’t go “flag hunting” unless you have complete control of golf swing!  If you are someone that fades the ball then left hand pins are in the NO GO category.  The same can be said for those that hit a draw – right hand pins, NO GO!

3.  Take enough club.  Again, a lot of golfers THINK they know how far they hit each club but yet when doing a “find your distance” session we find that they are NOWHERE near the yardage they think they are.

Quick story about knowing your distance.

Years ago in Atlanta I was working with an elderly gentlemen and we hitting driver.  We had large yardage signs in the range, and we used lasers every week to verify the distances.  Anyway, after a few shots – where he was averaging around 200 yards – he asked me if those yardages were correct.  I said, “Yes sir, laser them every week to make sure.”  He turned and walked back to a bench I had behind my teaching station, sat down and put his head in his hands.  I asked, “What’s wrong?”  He replied, “My God, I have lost a hundred yards!”

Now there are a number of others issues that we, as players, can look at and make adjustments but these 3 will get you started.




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