3 Games In One

The 3 Parts of the Game

Scoring is the ultimate test in golf but there are 3 parts that go into scoring.

Full swing
Short game

There has been a lot of talk lately about ball striking being more important than putting.   Let me put it this way, you can be the best putter in the world but when you one putt for a 10 you don’t have to be a great putter!

Let’s look at full swing first.

This is an Elbow PLaneThere are certain elements in the full swing that each player must achieve if they are to play the game.  You must have the necessary length to play the course.  This doesn’t mean you have to hit 300, or even 250 yards off the tee.  The length of the course and the tees you play from dictate that.

You MUST keep the ball in play, NO penalty shots!  You approach shots MUST be on OR near the green.

Fairly simple huh?





practicing Impact
Chipping Practice

Short game are all of the shots inside of 100 yards, usually wedge shots.  If you miss a green you MUST be able to get it up and down to minimize the damage.  This could a greenside bunkers shot, a short pitch shot – from 50 yards and in – or a simple chip from the fringe.

Each of these shots require practice and a “feel” for the particular shot.

I have written extensively how to vary Impact and exit locations with wedges to change not only distance but trajectory.  By doing so you can produce 9 different variations with each wedge in your bag!

Breakmaster Green Chart
Charting The Green

Once on the green the flat stick takes over.  There is no “one way” to putt just like there is no “one way” for full swing.  Lots of great putters use different styles.  Nicklaus “pushed” the putter with his right arm and Stricker uses more of a pendulum motion using his shoulders.

Find which way works best for you and stick to it!  Players that experiment a lot never get a “feel” for what they are doing so they are constantly looking for that “lightening in a bottle.”


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