Chuck Evans Golf Performance Junior Academy

Over the past 45 years, we have had the opportunity to train and learn from the game’s greatest coaches and players. During this time we developed our training process based on what the game’s greatest players do consistently to keep their game at the highest level. We provide a structured training environment where athletes receive individualized instruction alongside other evolving golf students.


The Academy is designed to help the students identify their strengths and build on them while understanding and sharpening areas that need development.

We accomplish this by reinforcing that a student’s strengths are his or her own unique talents, first and foremost.

We train on three different levels.

First — students Learn to Train.  Second — students Train to CompeteThird — students Compete to Win.

This is the champion’s formula that maximizes Teaching, Training, and Coaching at the highest performance level.

While each training day is different, each session encompasses a different aspect of the full swing, short game, distance wedges, putting, and on-course practice.

During a training day, students have particular stations at which they begin. Objectives goals are defined and must be reached before moving on to the next training segment. Within each performance segment, students rotate through various stations based on their individual strengths and areas for development. Students also spend time on the golf course as a complement to the training and coaching regimen.

Our goal is to teach, train and coach to grow the athlete’s skills, which will increase the probability of enhancing his or her talent base, and ultimately accomplishing their individualized goals put forth.

Academy systems are built around the principles of the game:

Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Distance Wedges, Specialty Shots, Bunker Play, Full Swing, and our most important principle – managing their game under pressure.

The Train Like A Champion Program is a long-term player development program that creates an extensive learning and training environment.  It is a comprehensive coaching program for Junior golfers who are playing competitive golf and want to seriously compete at the high school, collegiate level and beyond.

Consists of:

  • Initial Swing Assessment
  • Short Game Assessment
  • Monthly one on one Private Coaching Sessions
  • Unlimited supervised coaching sessions (group practice sessions as scheduled)
  • Tournament preparation
  • Tournament observation by one of our coaches during competition
  • 3D Ball Flight & Motion Analysis
  • Complete equipment evaluation using Flightscope 3D ball flight monitor
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