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I learned more about the golf swing in the 2 1/2 days I spent at the “Secrets Of The Golfing Machine” workshop with Chuck and Lynn than I have in almost 70 years of golf. -- Peggy Kirk Bell, World Golf Hall of Fame Member
My handicap index went from 8.4 to 4.1 after spending 2 days with Chuck Evans. I also received the “Most Improved Player” award from the Georgia Golf Association. I’m coming back to see Chuck and cut it in half again! - Lee Griffin, GA
I have learned from Top 100 teachers and any previous instruction I have had pales in comparison to what I learned. - Patrick Clark, PA

“What DO ALL Great Players Do That The Average Player Does NOT!”

Here it is August already…time really flies!  There was so much to do this year that it’s hard for me to realize that we may actually get it all done!

In this months tip I’m going to talk about the biggest difference between great players and average players.

Sure some of what great players takes talent but they ALL do one thing that most players do not.  A correct downswing sequence!  You can look at all of the swing styles out there, Ernie Els versus Jim Fuyrk for example, and they all differ in some respect.  But the ONE thing that they ALL have in common is the proper downswing sequence!

Here’s what happens.

From the top of the backswing the first move that initiates the downswing is a movement of the left knee.  This movement is then followed by a lateral hip motion, then the shoulders unwinding, then the arms swinging, and finally the club moving.

Poor players get this sequence incorrect.  For example, I recently saw a 30 handicapper that had a sequence like this.  Club, shoulders, arms, and finally hips!

Holy cow Batman!

As you can see, and probably vividly, this golfer had a hard time being consistent.  A huge loss of distance, couldn’t get the ball to start in the same place twice and wondered why he was having issues.

He was hating golf…and I don’t blame him…I would too!

The big question is though, can YOU change your downswing sequence to that of the best players in the world.


Of course the best way would be for you to come and visit me in the desert, but very soon we will have some drills that you can do at home too.  In the next webinar I will be demonstrating how all of this works.

A Quick Heads Up…

Are you ready to get serious and start playing your best golf?  Learn how players of all abilities have changed their game, improved their scores, and finally beating their playing partners!

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