Pure Strike, the science of the golf swing

If you knew how to make SIMPLE golf swing changes that would last a lifetime WITHOUT completely reassembling your golf game, or golf swing, and could KNOW what the best players in the world know, could that help you?

Now it can with Medicus Pure Strike – 5 Simple Keys to Consistency, the science of the golf swing.

At Medicus Golf Schools we provide the truth behind certain facts, and dispel the myths students have been taught in the past that have no scientific basis and are the underlying fact of why golfers do not improve. It is our belief that the information golfers are receiving, merely being general in nature, lacks the in depth detail to learn and improve.  Medicus Golf Schools finally provides the student with a scientific approach that de-mystifies and reveals the secrets of the game, allowing them to reach true success now and for life!

There is no doubt that a golfer with real and detailed information can learn to play golf no differently than the approach one would apply in learning to drive a car, play a guitar or brush their teeth. Like these other actions, golf is a step by step process to a known goal and that goal should be one of improvement to the highest level of YOUR ability!

In order to change or enhance a golf swing we must first change the perception or how we think of the golf swing.  If you think you must swing up at the golf ball to get it in the air then that’s exactly what you will do.

In reality, almost everything in golf is exactly opposite of what our perception is.  Example, we must hit down to make the ball go up.  So changing the perception of what happens in a golf stroke is the key to making everlasting changes.

At Medicus Golf Schools we teach Alignment Golf and NOT position golf.  There is a huge difference between the two.  You can be in all of the “right” positions and STILL miss the golf ball.  But IF you have proper Alignments then you can miss these “positions” and still play good golf.

If you learn to educate and control your hands then you will control the Clubface.  Control the Clubface and you will control the golf ball.  Control the golf ball and you will control your game!

We implement an easy 3 Step learning and training process to assure that your golf swing achieves the correct Alignments necessary for good golf.  With this 3 Step process each Step adds length and components to the golf swing which builds a total motion, just like building a house.

We start with;

Step 1 (Putting and Chipping),then

Step 2 (Pitching) and then to

Step 3 (fullswing) because in golf swing training, as your chips improve, your pitches will improve, as your pitches improve your fullswing will improve.

The other reason why we start with the shortest motion is because if you cannot control the club in a 2 foot motion you will have no chance in a fullswing when the Driver is traveling 22 feet.

This process also provides an easy approach for preventive maintenance when an aspect of your game is not up to the standard needed for good scores.  You will see the immediate results of this education in all 3 Steps of the golf swing.

To end the aimless wondering from theory to theory in instruction books, magazines and on TV, while never achieving your full potential, contact us by calling 800.732.4995 or email us here to begin your journey towards lasting golf improvement.

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