By attending one of our Golf Schools you will learn that great golf is not magic, it requires an understanding and application of 4 tenets.  

These tenets are shared among the games greatest players and at the Chuck Evans Golf  Performance, you will learn these 4 simple tenets of golf, how to incorporate them into your game, and more importantly, how to keep them in your game!

These 4 simple tenets of golf define effective play on the course: Hit the ball solid, control the clubface and clubhead path, generate enough speed to play from the tees you choose.


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2 Day Practice Session Includes:

  • Two Days of Ball Striking
  • 10 Hours Of Range And Lecture Time
  • Flightscope 3D Doppler Radar Analysis And Club Distance Mapping
  • One “On-Course Management” Learning Session With Chuck
  • Take Home Individualized Practice Plan Showing You HOW and What To Practice
  • In-depth study manual
  • Lunch Daily At Facility
  • Maximum 3:1 Teacher/Student Ratio With Chuck and staff.

“I guarantee you will be amazed at the simplicity of these “4 simple tenets of golf” and how easily you can incorporate them into your game.” – Chuck Evans

Make your plans to attend Chuck Evans Golf  Performance today… You’ll be happy you did!

For a sample itinerary please Click Here.  To inquire or sign up to attend a Chuck Evans Golf  Performance session, please E-mail or call 850.687.7995

Program Tuition – $1595 per person…includes lunch, range balls, and on-course play…Group Discounts Available, Click here for more details.

We are here to make your time at Chuck Evans Golf  Performance the best-golfing experience you’ve ever had. Please let us know if you would like to create a unique, personalized golf school for you or your group and we will build the perfect itinerary and learning environment for your visit.