Power and Accuracy

The two major priorities of most players are more Power and Accuracy. For optimal learning, these priorities must be addressed both academically and physically. Knowledge should be conveyed to the student through lecture, scientific demonstration, swing training aids, and video analysis. When done properly the player fully understands their golf swing!

Power: There are four separate sources of power in the golf swing. They are definable and distinguishable. The power sources are….

1. The proper uncocking of the left wrist.
2. The blasting of the left arm off the chest with the body pivot.
3. The synchronized roll of the left wrist through Impact.
4. The driving power of the right forearm.

When the player learns the proper utilization, application and synchronization of these power
sources they will solve the mysteries of power!

Accuracy: There are two factors that determine the accuracy of all golf shots.

They are:

1. The control of the Flat Left Wrist through Impact, for clubface alignment.
2. The consistent orbit of the clubhead on the proper plane.

The player must learn to swing the clubhead, shaft and hands up and back then down and out on the same Inclined Plane time after time. The player must also learn to control the clubface with the Flat Left Wrist, thereby adding precision to all of your shots!

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