The underlying philosophy of Chuck Evans Golf Performance is that good coaching takes place over a period of time, not just one lesson. The relationship between coach and student is more than just “one and done.” This is how “teaching” becomes “coaching,” which we describe as an on-going relationship devoted to long-lasting improvement. Everything about Chuck Evans Golf Performance is devoted to enhancing the “coaching” experience for both teacher and student.

Chuck I was your student in May. Six hour lesson on a Friday. Your lesson justs keep paying dividends for me. My short game starting with the full extention of the left arm to the ball, is really dependable. The 40-60 yard shots hit and bite with my 54 sand wedge have put alot of circles around scores on par fives and saved pars as well. Saw you in the latest GOLF issue and thought I should tell you that your lesson is easily the best money I have ever spent on my golf game. Every time I hit one of those punch wedges near the hole I say, ” Thanks Chuck”.

Chuck Evans Golf Performance allows you to receive personalized instruction from one of the very best coaches in the game while utilizing the latest technologies available. These are the same tools that the world’s best use day and day out. The use of these tools helps implement and ingrain, swing improvements at a much faster rate while retaining the information for longer periods of time. We have a proven track record of creating significant and sustained improvement in our students. We demonstrate a clear passion for our craft and learning and are continually striving to enhance our teaching skills so that we can produce even better results for our students.

Chuck Evans Golf Performance is steeped in knowledge and advanced technology.  Our students have access to technologies that were once only available to the world’s best players.  Whether it’s analyzing your golf swing, making club adjustments or assisting in fitting the best club(s) to your game.

We feature Flightscope 3D Ball Radar

3D Ball Flight Radar from Flightscope


Leaders in measuring accuracy, distance, and club & ball data!  FlightScope launch monitors are being used by professionals to fine tune a players’ yardages among different clubs and as a precise tool in club fitting. Some of the data that is captured include:

  • Club Speed
  • Dynamic Loft
  • Attack Angle
  • Spin Rate
  • Carry
  • Face Angle
  • Club Path
  • Ball Speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Launch Angle

3D Motion Capture by MySwing Professional



Data has never been more important in golf. Quantifiable data is a must and mySwing Professional is the solution. The angles, speeds and velocities of the golf swing is vital to a full understanding of the motion. We can prevent injury, improve performance, and speed up the learning process. Progress is more than a distance.


Viewing the golf swing with mySwing Professional takes you beyond the limitations of a 2D camera. You are now able to view the golf swing from any imaginable angle. True motion in 3D.


Analyze the golf swing frame by frame at various speeds with ease. Add body lines, angles, traces and evaluate kinematic graphs to check mechanics, and achieve a more effective evaluation.


Compare two swings from any angle, time or position throughout the swing. Playback swings at different speeds and synch two swings at any point.