Great Iron Play

Great Iron Players All Have Similar Characteristics

What do all great iron players have in common? Here are just a few of things that they do to attack the pin.

* Hit down on the Ball – In order to put spin on the ball you MUST hit downward. Now, this doesn’t mean that you hit at it like chopping wood. It simply means that the HANDS must lead the clubhead into Impact with the clubshaft leaning forward

* Take more club – Most greens today are built 30-35 yards deep which means there could be a 2-3 club difference in your approach shot

* Ball position – NEVER play the back of center of the sternum unless you’re playing a knock down shot. The further back the ball is the more open the clubface at Impact. Use this as a guide – Wedges at the sternum, 5 iron under the logo, left side of chest, long irons forward of that. Remember, this is a guide.

Experiment to find the ball postion that gives you straight away flight

* Fire at the pin – Know your strengths and weaknesses. If the pin back right and your normal shot is a fade and you aim at the flag where is the ball going? You’ll short side yourself. Aim to the middle and let the ball drift toward the hole

* Go, No Go – With a long iron approach always hit toward the middle of the green. Mid irons 12-15 feet of the pin, short irons and wedges fire at the pin. Just remember the above rule.

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