Golf School Locations

The only thing left for us to do with the two locations, which will serve as the two flagship locations of Medicus Golf Institute, is for the final docs to reach me for signature and then return. It may be slightly premature without that step being done but, with only a day+ left for the site being open to the general public, I shall proceed to share.

Our east flagship location will be Orange County National, which is located in the Orlando area.

Our west flagship location will be Gold Canyon Golf Resort, which is located approximately 27 miles from Phoenix Airport.

We have also been contacted by several golf facilities as sites for traveling type schools. We are not sure that time will allow this to take place this year but is for sure a possibility in the future.

Currently when you click on the “Golf School” links for both of these locations you will see the current school(s). That will change SHORTLY and you WILL see our info.

Please keep your eyes on the above sites but more importantly, for those who will not access here, watch

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