Don’t Judge a Stability Ball by Its Soft Cover

A stability ball is not so innocent. Its soft, colorful and smooth appearance has fooled many into believing it couldn’t be as good to work out with as the hard iron dumbbells that we have all come to associate with sweat, pain and progress. One client said, “I can military press 150, and leg press 400. Come on, what could balls and bands do for [a strong guy like] me?” My answer was, “try pressing just half that amount while sitting on a ball with one foot off the ground and find out.” This client more than likely will be more challenged when pressing a lesser amount while sitting on a ball. Why? Because he will be forced to recruit a host of other muscles, i.e., core stabilizers, in order not to fall. Those muscles have not been trained as diligently as he has trained his shoulders and other large muscles. So, don’t judge a stability ball by its soft cover. It can provide an extremely challenging workout to the strongest as well as to the beginner.

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