How about knowing exactly what you did when you hit a great shot, or a poor one, and being able to adjust on the fly!  And oh, in addition, telling your friend’s thanks but no thanks when they offer their advice!

Golf is tough!  That’s why we offer Phoenix Arizona Golf Schools.

Golf humbles the best of us and even the world’s best players suffer from bouts of inconsistency.

Not all instruction/coaching is the same. Some instructors may teach a “model” some have a certain methodology.

While these may work for certain players they typically don’t work for everyone.

Are you willing to take a chance on the hopes that YOU may be ONE of the ones these will work on?

When you’re striking the ball very well, missing greens and missing putts you feel horrible!  Not only about your game but YOU as a golfer!

Golf is a hard game but it can be easier when you understand what you are capable of and what you’re not capable of.

I can completely understand what you’re going through!

I’ve gone through this myself in the early years when I was starting to play this game.

If you want to play better golf, hit better drives, hit more greens and make more putts then the choice is totally yours.  You just have to make a choice!

Look, I’ve been doing this a LONG time and have thousands of satisfied players who, just like you, were struggling with their golf game.  They came to our Phoenix Arizona Golf Schools and improved their game!

I’d even bet that some of those had the same thoughts as you.  I’m too old to get any better, he’ll probably change my whole swing, my game will get worse before it gets better…etc.

But…what if…it was easier for you to do then what you are trying to do?

What if you started hitting more fairways, hitting more greens and making more putts?

Wouldn’t that make YOU happier and more confident in your game?

You bet it will!

Together, we will develop a plan that works for YOU!  That plan will include doing what you CAN do instead of trying to do what CAN’T do!

Pretty simple huh?

Now that you’ve decided you really want to play better golf, what’s the next step?  Come to visit us at our Phoenix Arizona Golf Schools.

That starts right here…

  • Strike the ball better
  • Hit more greens
  • Make more putts
  • Have more fun

Be confident about your game! Knowing exactly what you did when you hit a great shot or a poor and being able to adjust on the fly!  And oh, by the way, telling your friend’s thanks but no thanks when they offer their advice!

You can attend one of my practice sessions in Phoenix Arizona, right here at Apache Creek Golf Club and you have a few choices.
1. 90-minute practice session
2. 3-hour practice session
3. Full day practice session
4. 2-day practice sessions

Well…that starts with scheduling your “practice session” with me. It’s easy to do and your golf game will happy you did!  (In the old days we called these Golf Schools, but let’s face it...NOBODY likes the word “school!”)

Or…you can…

  • Continue to play poor golf
  • Not have any fun
  • Quit playing golf because it’s too frustrating

Keep feeling bad about your golf game, not knowing what to do to get better, and listening to all of your friends advise.


Visit us at our Phoenix Arizona Golf Schools.

The Choice is Yours!

Here’s a little about me

Destin Florida Golf Schools | Chuck Evans

Some of the Accomplishments

  • Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers in America
  • Golf Digest Top Teachers in America
  • Top 50 Growth of the Game – GRAA
  • Instructor for PGA, LPGA, Champions Tour, Nationwide Tour & Top Amateurs
  • Author of several national golf articles for Golf Magazine, Golf Digest, Golf Tips, and more
  • Author of the book “How To Build Your Golf Swing“
  • Co-creator of 5 Simple Keys

Chuck’s career has spanned over 40 years of instruction as well as competing at the highest professional levels on the US National Senior Tour.

His golf instruction philosophy is grounded in decades of studying what the greatest players in the world have in common. His understanding of the golf swing, as well as his expertise at being able to analyze his student’s own physical capabilities, has made him one of the most sought-after instructors in the world today.

Chuck has spent countless hours researching every aspect of playing and teaching the game. He has compared hundreds of different philosophies from the vast number of golf instructors and now has simplified how the game should be taught. His goal is for every player, at any age and skill level, or with any physical handicap, to be able to enjoy and reap the rewards of the game.

Chuck is a highly sought-after guest lecturer throughout the world. He has spoken at the PGA Teaching and Coaching Summits, PGA Section Education Seminars/workshops, and numerous national corporate functions. He has appeared on the Golf Channel as the Coach of the Week and in many television commercials for products that he has endorsed.

Honored as one of Golf Magazine’s “Top 100 Teachers”, he has been featured in hundreds of publications including Golf Magazine, Golf Digest, Golf Tips Magazine, GRAA, and local/regional golf publications.

Here are a few of our options to guide you through, and to,  achieve your golfing goals at our Destin Florida Golf Schools.

3 Hour – Practice Session– 9:00 am to 12:00 pm or 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

  • Warm up and player assessments
  • Video review and strategy for improvement discussion
  • Range/Lecture time working on prioritizing the 5 Simple Keys
  • Practice plan development and future goal development
  • Personalized, online training space

Tuition: $495.00 –  includes video analysis and player handbook, analysis discussions,  and practice/goals plan. Bring an additional guest for $200.

90 Minute – Practice Session

  • Warm up (please arrive up to 15 minutes early)
  • Video recording review and discussion
  • Range/Lecture time working on prioritizing the 5 Simple Keys
  • Video review/recap and practice plan discussion
  • Personalized, online training space

Tuition: $175.00 – includes video analysis and practice plan. Bring an additional guest for $75.00

Private Coaching Program (Monthly)

  • Four (one) hour private practice sessions
  • Four Supervised Practice Sessions

Tuition: ($695.00 monthly – minimum commitment 3 months) – includes video analysis, player handbook, analysis discussions,  and practice/goals plan.

  • 3D Ball Flight Assessment – Starting line, curvature, contact, consistency
  • 3D Motion Analysis – Measuring Rotational and Bending values of your body
  • Scoring Zone Assessment
  • Physical Assessment – What your body WANTS to do versus what YOU are trying to do

To see our other Practice Session offers, click HERE.

Schedule your time with Chuck by calling 850.687.7995 or email him.

Chuck Evans Golf Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher

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