Chip It Close

We all miss greens and when we do we’ve got to have the confidence that we can get the ball up and down to save par. A chip stroke is a stroke that has no cocking of the target side wrist! If you can safely land the ball on the green without using a cocked wrist then you are chipping!

The short game, chipping, pitching, and putting amount to over 70% of all the shots.


All great chippers of the ball have several characteristics in common….

* They change clubs for different length chip shots

* The weight is favoring the target side foot

* The ball is positioned back of center to ensure proper ball turf contact

* The ball is struck with a descending blow

* The clubface does not open or close during the stroke

* The hands remain passive during the stroke, no flipping of the wrist

* At the finish, the target side arm and club-shaft should remain in one straight line

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