AT&T Champions Classic Qualifying Results

QUALIFIERS 1 Roderick Spittle Dunedin, FL 34-32–66 -6 T2 Boonchu Ruangkit Bangkok Thailand, CA 33-34–67 -5 T2 Dick Mast Forest, VA 33-34–67 -5 T4 Jacob(Jack) Ferenz Vero Beach, FL 34-35–69 -3 T4 Rick Karbowski Frisco, TX 34-35–69 -3 T4 Bruce Vaughan Hutchinson, KS 34-35–69 -3 T4 Kenny Knox Monticello, FL 34-35–69 -3 T8 Gene Jones Orlando, FL 37-33–70 -2 T8 Michael Turner Sherman Oaks, CA 36-34–70 -2

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