Every  New Student Starts with an Comprehensive Assessment

Before you can go anywhere you must first have a sound knowledge of where you are today. With respect to playing better golf, this means completing a comprehensive game and physical assessment under the supervision of your personal Coach.

Taking the results from your assessments and your interview, you and your Coach will design a detailed personal “Practice With A Purpose Plan.” It will clearly outline the strengths of your game as well as the opportunities for improvement. It will also contain the plan that you and your Coach will implement in order for you to reach your playing goals.

  • 3D Ball Flight Assessment – Starting line, curvature, contact, consistency
  • 3D Motion Analysis – Measuring Rotational and Bending values of your body
  • Short Game Handicapping
  • Physical Assessment – What your body WANTS to do versus what YOU are trying to do

We give each new player that comes to us a physical assessment to determine their strengths and weaknesses.

  • What their Swing Plane should be
  • What their pivot should do
  • How their club face motions should be
  • How wide their stance should be
  • What is their perfect ball position is

Once we have completed your assessment we will sit down with you and start developing your Playbook.  Your Playbook will consist of,

  • Your definable goals
  • Practice Schedule
  • Short Game work out log
  • Full Swing work out log
  • Course management tools
  • Tournament preparation
  • Understanding cause and effect

Through supervised practice you will learn how to take your new skills and apply them to different situations. We do this by challenging you through situations that are more like those you will encounter on the course – changing clubs, targets, the lie and shot shapes regularly and reinforce the knowledge you gained in your training.

This is done completely on the golf course.  It’s time to take what you have been learning/working on to the course and now work it all into scoring.


Chuck Evans – Executive Director of Instruction

60-minute practice session: non-members, Members,  Juniors, Club Professionals (contact for pricing)

Private Coaching Program (Monthly)

  • Four (one) hour private coaching sessions
    Contact Chuck for scheduling & rates– includes video analysis, player handbook, analysis discussions,  and practice/goals plan.
  • All of our offerings can be found HERE

*Rates are subject to change