6 Deadly Things That The Average Golfer Does

After reviewing hundreds of videos of amateur golfers from around the world we have discovered several things they have in common.

  1. Virtually all are OFF Plane – now this could be because they have no concept of what the swing plane is – and that’s no wonder with all of the mis-information out there.
  2. The clubhead arrives to the ball BEFORE the hands do – this should be reversed but because golfers THINK they have to help the ball into the air this is the natural thing to do.
  3. Poor posture – try turning around a BENT rod instead of a straight one.
  4. Poor set-up – ball out of position, head leaning too far away from target – again mis-information and trying to keep the head behind the ball.
  5. Poor balance throughout the stroke
  6. Poor grip and even worse clubface control – leads to erratic shots

There are more but these are the biggest "faults" and ones that ANY golfer can overcome!

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